Top Tips for Community Management

We’re sure you’ve heard us say this before (probably more than once!) but social media is so-called because you have to be social! You can schedule as many engaging posts across as many platforms as you like, but if you’re not continuing the conversation with your followers, what’s the point?

Your customers, current and potential, are shopping online more than ever before, and with that shift comes the crucial change: social media is often the first point of contact with customers for most businesses. By embracing community management, you can deliver fantastic customer service, manage your brand reputation, and nurture an engaged community of followers for your business.

Here are our top tips for effective community management on social media:

Always respond (and don’t take too long!)

Whether it’s a burning question about your products, a great review, a general comment on your posts or a complaint that needs addressing, it’s SO important to make sure your business is replying consistently and within a reasonable timeframe. Making your customers wait days for a reply or, the worse crime, not responding at all will only serve to damage your brand reputation you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Invite conversation

It shouldn’t always be sell, sell, sell on your socials – and if it is, it might be time to rethink your strategy. Strike up a conversation: ask your followers what they think about different topics, about your products, even about their weekend plans. Not only does it make your business seem approachable and human, you might just learn some useful information about your audience too.

Share customer reviews

What do you do with those fantastic comments from happy customers, who tweet or post positive recommendations about your products? Apart from doing the happy dance inside when you read them, make sure you share them across your socials, and always thank and respond to your customers!

Embrace Facebook Groups

Nothing epitomises community on social media more than Facebook Groups. But what does this mean for your business? Starting your own group related to your business, whether it’s a cooking tips and recipe sharing group for a food brand, or financial advice group for an accountancy firm, Facebook Groups help you build an engaged community who are already interested in your sector or brand. Encourage conversation, offer advice and join in as your business or professional profile and watch your group (and business) grow.

Worried you don’t have the time to focus on community management for your business? We can help. Our Community Management service offers a dedicated member of the Oh So Social team who will be social on your behalf, managing your brand reputation and engaging with your audience. Find out more here or contact us to discuss your social media needs.


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