Spotify Advertising

Spotify, the music streaming service, is in homes, offices, phones and cars across the country. You may even have a subscription yourself to listen to 90s cheesy pop as you commute to work (we don’t judge.) But have you considered advertising your business on Spotify?

Whether you’re a massive brand or a small business, Spotify’s ad campaign options can help you reach new audiences from their millions of active listeners across the world. Much like the other social media advertising options out there, you can hone your targeting to people of a certain age, location, gender and interests, but you can also ensure your ads are only seen and heard when users are listening to a certain genre of music or using a particular type of device. Fancy!

Advertising costs on Spotify start from £250. Although not as budget friendly as Facebook Advertising, if you have good quality audio or video content to use this can be a fantastic way of reaching new audiences for a relatively low price. With their own advertising platform Ad Studio, Spotify make it simple to create professional adverts quickly or you can upload your own existing content – the choice is yours.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, or you want an expert eye on your campaigns, we can create, optimise and manage audio and video adverts on Spotify for your business as part of our Social Media Advertising services. Get in touch to find out more.

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