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Offering the most precise targeting available, social media advertising can greatly improve your social media reach, impressions and conversions. But on first glance, it can be hard to get your head around.

With experience to the highest level in social media advertising, Oh So Social can create, optimise and manage adverts on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, ensuring you get the very best results at the best price.

We will work with you to learn about your target market and use this information to create bespoke audiences for your business on social media. These audiences will enable you to directly target those who are most likely to be interested in your business or product. After the initial campaign, we can start performance advertising including retargeting, custom and lookalike audience use, allow you to not only reach new customers but ensure you maximise every penny of ad spend.

Whether you want to achieve more website visits, increase your social media following or meet your sales targets, we can use social media advertising to accomplish all of this for you. The best part is – you set the budget. With social media advertising, you choose how much you want to spend on a campaign or a single advert, and for how long. So you can keep track of your marketing budget and really see what results you’re getting for your money in terms of conversions, likes and brand awareness.

Have you got a new product, event or marketing campaign launching? Social media advertising is the most efficient way of communicating your latest offering to your target audience online for comparatively little budget compared to other advertising methods. As a result you will be increasing awareness of your brand and gaining followers at the same time. We offer full social media advertising management for any length of campaign working with you and your budget, contact us to find out more.

Or if you want to hit the ground running and would like to manage your own advertising campaigns on social media, we also offer comprehensive training sessions. We deliver training to individuals and small groups to share our expert knowledge and give you the edge when creating your own adverts on social media.

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