Time for a Social Media Spring Clean

With the start of Spring upon us, we are all looking forward to light evenings and warmer days. The shift of the seasons often encourages us to become more organised, tidy up and Spring clean our houses and offices. So why not apply this practice to your social media?

Once you’ve set up your business social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (and all the others!) it can be easy to just sit back and think the hard work is done. Now all you need to do is post regularly to your followers, right? Not quite.

It pays to ensure that your profiles are still making the perfect first impression. When your customers, old or new, find you on social media – what do they see? Is your branding up to date and consistent? Something as simple as your profile picture not reflecting your business well can deter a potential customer. If your branding has changed since you launched your business, double-check that the old style isn’t still lurking somewhere in the depths of your social media pages.

Your social media profiles are a shop window to your business, and correct information is crucial. Check your contact details are updated, your bio showcases what you do well, and that links don’t bounce! If you use a ‘link in bio’ service on Instagram such as Linktree, take time to remove outdated links cluttering up the list and re-order them so your main links, such as your website or shop are at the top.

You probably pay attention to the number of followers your accounts have, but have you checked WHO is following you? Scan through your follower lists and block any spam accounts or anyone who could have a negative impact on your brand. Similarly, take time to look at who your business is following too – if they don’t reflect well on your brand, click the ‘unfollow’ button.

We recommend giving your pages some TLC at least once a year, but the more frequently you refresh your profiles, the quicker and easier the process will be (and your brand will thank you for it!)


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