Daffodils are blooming, birds are singing and you can spot glimpses of the sunny days to come (in between the rain and snow!) That’s right, Spring has well and truly sprung. We often choose this time of year to tackle our homes and our lives with a ‘Spring clean’ to bring in the new season. This year, why not apply it to your social media too?

How long ago did you set up the Facebook or Twitter page for your business? It’s all too easy for social media pages to stagnate. Keep your online presence fresh by updating your profile picture if necessary, uploading a new cover image to showcase your business, and updating bios. Make sure to check that all your business’ contact information is correct, so potential customers can reach you easily, and that it’s clear from your pages what your business is all about.

Have you paid attention to who you follow, and who follows you back? With networking, both on- and offline, it’s easy to get generous with the likes and follows. But do these accounts reflect your business well? Take the time have a browse through your follow lists, deleting any that might have a negative impact on your brand, and blocking any spam accounts.

A similar approach can be taken to tidying up your own output on social media. Ask yourself: do your posts and tweets represent your business and your brand effectively? Remove any images or videos that are obviously outdated, especially if they contain old branding or logos. If you’re using a personal account on Twitter in a business capacity, double-check for any embarrassing photos or inappropriate tweets that could be damaging to your business!

Finally, from a security perspective – check who has access to your social media business accounts. Employees can come and go, but can often have admin permissions on Facebook pages, scheduling software or know account passwords! It’s essential to change passwords, remove old admins and regularly check permissions to be safe now, rather than sorry later.

Although this is a ‘Spring clean’ – don’t just take a once-a-year approach to tidying up your social media. Scheduling a regular audit of your accounts will make maintaining your pages a whole lot easier!

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