Bringing the Wonder of TEDx to Truro

Oh So Social worked with TEDxTruro in 2018, helping with organic and paid social media management for a seven week period, working with a limited advertising budget for the non-profit organisation.

Our brief was to help with the creation and scheduling of regular content in the run up to their event, alongside the creation of small paid advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter to encourage ticket sales.

We used organic social media content to encourage event awareness, posting varied content with teasers, information and shareable posts to increase impressions and engagement, which also resulted in significant page growth throughout this period. Posting sporadic calls to action also encouraged website traffic and organic conversions.

As the initial page following and core audience were reasonably small (due to TEDxTruro’s relatively recent development) advertising was particularly important in helping achieve ticket sales and increasing awareness for them. We were able to take their observations about their typical demographic and combine this with our own experience to create successful audience targeting that resulted in low-cost clickthrough rates. There was also a clear correlation during this period between advertising campaigns and ticket purchases.

Thanks to the effective use of both platforms with paid and unpaid content we were able to help the organisation reach their sales goals with a considerable return on investment for their budget.

On the day of the event we managed the live social media coverage on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging visits to the live stream that was running for those who didn’t manage to get tickets or couldn’t make it to the talks. With this live posting throughout the day we were able to encourage active engagement from both those in attendance and watching from home, creating an atmosphere where they felt invited to share their own experiences of the day and increase awareness for TEDxTruro moving forward.

The results

Over 130,000

total social media impressions


spent per impression

Over 100,000

Twitter impressions


average cost per Facebook advert link click

25% increase

Facebook followers

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