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Health products and services can be hard to market on social media, with the rules and regulations surrounding advertising often putting a barrier in the way of successful promotion. We were tasked by digestive health supplement brand Just For Tummies to achieve a number of their marketing goals – including helping them become the ‘go to’ source of reliable information on digestive and gut health, whilst boosting sales at the same time.

Just For Tummies, created by digestive health expert Linda Booth, offer a range of specialist supplements to aid common digestive health issues, as well as nutritional and gut health advice. During our time working with Just For Tummies, our main business aims were to: build a reputation for providing high quality information and customer service; increase engagement; drive more people towards the website and subsequently boost sales.

We used a combination of organic and paid social media on Facebook and Instagram to achieve these core goals. In our organic content, we focused on building an engaged community of followers for Just For Tummies, with a mix of educational posts, ‘fun’ or conversational content, as well as promoting specific products and live events. With their target audience mainly older women, we often focused more broadly on women’s health, including the menopause, linking back to Just For Tummies products that can help ease symptoms and common issues related to hormonal changes.

Things get trickier when it comes to advertising health products, especially across the Meta family of ads. Our main challenge for Just For Tummies was working around all of the restrictions and guidelines Facebook (Meta) has put in place for medical and health items. For example, using the words ‘cure’ or promising to heal or fix health issues is restricted. You can’t use before and after images to promote health products. Crucially, we were unable to set up a Facebook or Instagram Shop for Just For Tummies’ supplements, again due to policy.

A challenge, yes. But our team used their expert social media knowledge to word each advert and post carefully, ensuring that the quality of Just For Tummies’ content remained high and communicated with their target audience effectively, while eliminating the risk of Facebook removing content going against their strict guidelines.

The results we achieved in just the first three months of working with Just For Tummies showcase how we met (and exceeded) their core goals. On Instagram alone, we increased engagement with their organic posts by over 530% and the posts’ reach by over 620%. Over on Facebook, we increased engagement by 144%, with over 20,000 interactions. The number of engaged users increased by a massive 1,400%, with over 12,900 users interacting with Just For Tummies’ Page.

Our advertising spend for the first three months was £1,748, and the resulting revenue in sales for Just For Tummies was £10,965! That is a 627.3% ROAS. Our ad campaigns achieved over 2,500 link clicks and reached over 70,400 users – an increase of 2,356%. 315 website purchases were as a direct last-touch result of our adverts, plus additional multi-touch attributions.

Month on month, we continued to see a significant return on investment, with one month, in particular, seeing an impressive Return on Ad Spend of 932%.

The results


highest monthly return on ad spend


return on ad spend for first three months


increase in Meta advertising reach


increase in engaged users

1.1 million

impressions across Facebook & Instagram

1,081 %

increase in brand awareness

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