CLLD Cornwall

Social media to target people with a low income, the unemployed and in specific post codes, all without breaching policy? Not a problem. We were given a three-month campaign by Community Led Local Development in Cornwall (CLLD Cornwall) to help promote its funded projects.

CLLD Cornwall is an EU funded programme making positive changes in Cornwall, by focusing on core neighbourhoods across the region, supporting businesses and people to achieve funding for projects that will benefit their communities, boosting the skills and confidence of individuals.

Over the three-month period, we were asked to use our social media expertise to promote funded projects which offer opportunities to unemployed individuals in Cornwall, with a specific target for reaching those within low income areas identified by postcodes. This was an especially crucial time for the programme as the UK was in its third period of national Covid-19 lockdown, and seeing ever-increasing numbers of people out of work.

For our campaign, we used a mix of organic Facebook and Twitter content to promote CLLD Cornwall and the various projects, as well as leveraging partner support. These posts including specific mentions of three projects per week, with all the projects mentioned at least once over the three-month period. This was combined with shareable content such as motivational quotes and Cornwall-related content.

The driving force for this campaign was the Facebook (Meta) advertising budget, which we used to create targeted ad campaigns matching projects to individuals’ interests within these key post code areas, using a range of creative campaigns and boosted post content. We also set aside a small level of budget for brand messaging to increase awareness of the project as a whole. 

The results included a 3,000% increase in organic Twitter engagement, while on Facebook there was a phenomenal increase in engagement over the three months – nearly 12,000% more than the previous quarter. This engagement included 7,400 link clicks, with people clicking through to the CLLD Cornwall website and individual projects to discover more information.

With our paid social advertising, we achieved 1.6M paid impressions over the project from those living in the areas identified as being low-income and those who were unemployed, to help meet all the client’s targets and goals.

The results

1.6 million

paid impressions


increase in Facebook engagement


increase in Twitter engagement


link clicks from Facebook alone

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