Twitter Chats: What they are and why you should be using them

So you’ve got the hang of Twitter. You’re wielding hashtags like a pro, retweeting interesting content and your business is starting to get noticed. But wait, there’s more! We’re here to tell you about Twitter chats and why they matter.

Twitter chats are essentially networking events from behind a keyboard. Usually occurring at the same time each week, you can join in chats for your local area, specific business networking chats both nationally and regionally, or chats by hobby or interest. If you do a search for your sector or interest, there’s probably a chat for it!

“But why should I bother?” we hear you ask. Well, firstly, they are a fantastic, free way of increasing awareness of your business and your products or services. Also, chatting on Twitter is a useful method of reaching out to potential clients and gauging interest, before contacting them directly about working with them. Plus, answering questions and providing helpful information on a subject not only gives your company’s online presence a personality, but also proves you know your stuff and can be trusted.

Unsure which chats to try? First of all you need to decide if you’re targeting other businesses to network with, or potential customers. If you’re looking for new customers, then both your local chats, for example #CornwallHour, as well as sector/interest specific chats, such as #WeddingHour, will be valuable.

Aiming for more B2B connections? Business networking chats are popular on Twitter, and there will be both national and regional ones to choose from (#DuchyBizHour for example.) But don’t ignore the local and sector chats as there will be plenty of opportunities for you there too.

So get chatting, get networking, and make the most of your Twitter presence and watch your connections grow!

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