Facebook Shops: The low-cost way to sell online

Now more than ever before, retail is shifting online. With increasing lockdown restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic meaning non-essential shops are forced to close during the run-up to Christmas, having a strong online presence is a must. But what if you don’t have the budget to splash out on a fancy e-commerce website?

Here’s where Facebook and Instagram come in. Your customers are already spending a chunk of time browsing these platforms each day, so what if they could buy what they see in your posts, when they see it?

Facebook and Instagram Shops offer you the opportunity to set up an online shop for free, which can either link to your existing website via messenger or allow customers to check-out directly on the app. You can customise a catalogue of your products available and design your shop to reflect your brand. Customer service is even easier too, as Messenger and Instagram DMs allow your customers to get a response from you quickly.

The key to a successful Shop? Remember mobile-first. Good quality portrait images showcasing your products that can be viewed full-screen on mobile.

Don’t be afraid to test advertising. Facebook and Instagram Ads can allow a whole new audience to see (and buy!) your products for a very low budget.

Integrate Shopping posts into your organic content. Feature new products, best-sellers and offers in your posts and Stories, which connect your audience directly with your Shop.

Feeling overwhelmed? We’re always on hand to help. We can set up your entire Shop for you so you’re ready to start selling – just get in touch.

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