Sometimes we all need to write a quick blog, but what happens when you are out of ideas? We have created our top 5 list of quick blog ideas to help you out.

  • Lists: Everyone loves a “Top list”, so much so this blog is one! If you’re stuck for an idea, a top list allows you to quickly and easily pass advice on to your customers. It could be your top tips, advice, or even “top 10 weirdest things” as long as it relates to your sector you can be as creative as you want.
  • Advice: Quick and easy to understand advice is a great way to gain the attention of new clients as well as showcasing how much you know.
  • Industry news: When something new and exciting happens in your industry take the chance to write about it and share your knowledge. People love seeing the latest news, whether its good or bad so take this opportunity to discuss it.
  • Share a relatable story: This lets your target audience know that you can relate to them.  It doesn’t have to be specifically about your company just something your audience can relate to and will find interesting.
  • Feedback: If you have received good feedback from a client make sure you let everyone know about it. Writing a short blog, thanking them for their support and kind words will not only make them feel special, it will also act as a review as potential new clients discover your website.

Always remember once you’ve written your blog, share it across your social media. This will help drive website traffic and remind your customers how great you are.

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