An interview with Young Business Person of the Year

We sat down with Oh So Social Chief Cat Herder, Katherine George, the winner of the Cornwall Business Award’s Young Business Person of the Year 2016 to find out her thoughts and feelings on winning the award.

What were your first thoughts and feelings when being nominated for the award?

I first found out about being nominated when looking on Twitter and I really couldn’t believe it. I was just in a complete state of shock it was so unexpected. There were so many mixed emotions when finding out but mainly, I was just so honoured to be up for this nomination. 

Leading up to the awards evening what did you do to prepare for the night?

Hula hooping and lots of it! After sorting my outfit I decided I needed to keep in shape for the night so hula hooping in the office became a regular thing. Other than that I just prepared by trying to stay relaxed and was looking forward to celebrating the night, whatever the outcome.

How did you feel the evening was going to go, did you think you were going to win?

I never expected to win this award at all. The day before the evening I met Fitness Polly for the first time and actually wanted her to win. I didn’t really think about winning at all I was just mainly looking forward to celebrating a great two years with friends.

What were your main feelings when your name was called out for the award?

Shock! When walking on the stage I had to keep asking if they were really sure or have I misheard my name. I was just so delighted and ecstatic.

Was there any stand out moments for you when you look back at the night?

There were so many fun moments about the night, I loved it all. But one of the stand out moments had to meeting (and hugging) Levi Roots, I really enjoyed listening and watching his speech, he’s a real inspiration.

When telling your family and friends about your award what were their main responses?

My mum, for the first time ever, told me she was proud of me it was so nice to hear! All of my friends were so happy so we all took the opportunity to celebrate with a beach BBQ and bottle of Champagne. 

Now it has been a couple of weeks since your win, how are you now feeling about the award?

I’m still so honoured about it and still in a bit of shock, I think I always will be. I’m planning on working as hard as I possibly can to live up to this award and my title. 



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