To get your social media for 2019 off to a successful start, we’re offering you the opportunity to benefit from specialist tips and advice from a true social media expert with an ‘Ask the Expert’ Day on 14th February.

Our founder Katherine George has a comprehensive background in social media marketing, including working on projects for Team GB, Dancing on Ice and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, as well as winning a number of prestigious awards for her social media and entrepreneurialism, Katherine can advise on all areas of social media marketing for any sector.

By booking a 30-minute one-to-one session with Katherine on our ‘Ask the Expert’ day, you can get advice and guidance on anything you like for a special reduced price. Whether you just need an expert eye cast over your current social media efforts, or would like to know more about a specific topic, these sessions are perfect for you.

This event is ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses who need a helping hand boosting their business online. Plus, for a week following your session with Katherine, you can also benefit from email support from the Oh So Social team if you have any additional queries.

Book your session with Katherine here.

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