What’s trending in 2024?

The word ‘trend’ is synonymous with social media but, as businesses, which ones should and shouldn’t we embrace?

Although predicting trends is always hard, we have a good idea of a few things businesses should look out for in 2024.

The rise of the B2B nano, micro and local influencers

We are starting to see big success when businesses step away from attempting to secure the large influencers. Instead, partnering with local smaller, niche and micro influencers is bringing in great results. Although these influencers tend to have a smaller following, it is much more genuine which can help bring in fantastic results for your business.

B2B influencers have always been a secret weapon when it comes to B2B marketing so make this the year to embrace it. Find yourself a few local or niche experts in your sector, speak to them, build a relationship with them and get them on to your collaboration roster. The results will be really beneficial. The great thing about working with these smaller influencers as well is that they do not come with a hefty pay cheque; instead most will gladly do it in exchange for small sums of money or, even better, free products.


AI is something we cannot ignore in 2024 and we are now seeing this invade every element of marketing. Before you embrace this within your business make sure it is right for you. Does it actually fit your brand persona and what you are talking about? There is a big difference in using AI to help you write some social content, and embracing AI influencers, AI models or AI created imagery.

If you are a business that promotes supporting other small businesses, the public use of this technology will actually be detrimental for your brand, therefore, you must use it with caution.

New Platforms

There are a few emerging platforms we should keep an eye on in 2024.

There is a question as to whether Threads will make a resurgence with Meta pushing hard for Instagram users to embrace this platform. With increasing uncertainty around X (formerly known as Twitter) this is not a platform we can forget yet and it is worth keeping a gentle eye on it to see if your customers are there and using the platform.

A similar sentiment also goes for Lemon8. The network that had a big push in 2023 might take a further step forward in 2024, but before you embrace any new platform remember the Golden Rule of all social media marketing. You need to be where your customers are, so there is absolutely no point creating a sensational Lemon8 or Threads account if none of your customers are there. Be where your customers are and focus your efforts.


For the last few years we have seen a rise in authenticity, and we are expecting this to continue in 2024. People no longer want to see all the glitz and glamour of what we call our Instagram lives. Instead, people are starting to engage with the warts and all real experiences. This is the same whether you are a business consultant or a B2C audience. People want to see real people, so for those in B2C this means increasing user generated content and social proof, while for B2B customers this means not you telling us how great your event is, but other trusted members of local or sector communities. It is social proof. It is using your LinkedIn account wisely or the other B2B networks that work for you.

A sweeping statement would be to focus on LinkedIn, but we know some B2B owners have great success on places like Instagram. But always remember that the Golden Rule still applies. People trust other people so make sure you get your content where the audience are likely to engage.

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