Due to the current environment, we know how precarious things are with employees going off sick and/or self-isolating. That’s why we’re making sure that we are here to pick up the reins for any marketing roles you need filled, no matter how brief the period.

Within 24 hours, we can be integrated within your system ready to get online and interact with your customers, sell your brand and keep your business online when your employees are off ill.

Oh So Social is an international, multi-award-winning social media marketing agency that can cover everything from organic content creation to paid social media advertising. We can also offer general content writing services and we can interact with your customers online as your company, keeping your online presence alive and engaged. This means that even if your marketing manager is taken ill, your business won’t see a drop in its online community.

We have been offering Out of Hours services for years, so we are well versed in keeping your customers happy morning, noon and night.

And don’t worry about your brand’s tone of voice. Even if you are caught short and don’t have a brand guidelines document to share, we can find out everything we need to from your current social media platforms and website, meaning we will blend seamlessly in with your current social media plan.

We specialise in virtual trading, so we are Oh So prepared to step in at a moment’s notice to replace anyone in your marketing team. We totally understand that this is an uncertain time, so we don’t want you to be worried about the length of time. We are happy to offer short-term, no tie-in services so you can be covered for as long or as short a time as you need.

Oh So Social has been set up to work entirely remotely at the click of a button for a long time, which means we are ready to work with your business regardless of where you are in the world.

If you are in need of an interim marketing pro to help your business during sickness, then give us a call on 01326 450333 or send an email to hello@ohsosocialmarketing.co.uk.

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