Chances are, if you’ve heard of TikTok it’s through a teenage relative dancing in the kitchen. As a relatively new social media platform aimed at 16 to 24 year olds it’s unlikely you have ever thought to use it, let alone for your business. However TikTok for business allows companies and brands to post short videos to interact with their audience, similarly to how you would use Instagram for business but in video form.

Now TikTok have announced TikTok advertising for business, and have granted Oh So Social early access, so that we can provide you with advice on how to promote your business on the platform.

Still not convinced?

The platform boasts over 500 million active users. Monthly.

There are Duets, Hashtag Challenges, Shoppable Ads, Brand Takeover Ads and so many other options. If you’re interested in exploring this avenue for your business please contact us at

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