How to make Halloween a treat for your business

Let’s talk about Halloween. You may think that it’s just for kids. Or that it’s a silly commercial holiday. But have you stopped to consider the benefits of talking about Halloween for your business?

Halloween is talked about on Facebook and Instagram as much as Christmas (sometimes even more so!) As a business, it would be foolish to ignore this opportunity. All things spooky comes just once a year (yes, also like Christmas) and marks the start of some key sales seasons – the countdown to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Christmas and those January sales.

So what are our top tips for getting the most out of Halloween?


Now, ultimately how you mark Halloween on social media depends on your brand. If your business is super serious, high level and sophisticated, it’s perfectly fine to just wish your followers a ‘Happy Halloween’ and leave it at that.

But, if you have a fun brand and can share some tongue-in-cheek, creative content – go for it! Halloween is a great opportunity to share more about your team – have a pumpkin carving competition, share your best spooky fancy dress or some Halloween baking.

Think about hashtags. We know that #Halloween, #Spooky, #TrickOrTreat, #Scary etc will be trending. So do your hashtag research and make the most of these popular hashtags to get your content seen by more people.

Limited editions

Shoppers love a themed product. Whether it’s Easter, Christmas or, of course, Halloween, limited edition versions of bestselling products are always popular.

We’re not saying divert your entire production run into creating hundreds of new products – don’t lose focus on the big picture. But, if you can easily make a small run of a limited edition item – whether you’re a crafter, jewellery maker, baker, or otherwise – do so, and share, share, share on your socials.

Special offers

If you’re stuck for ideas (or time) then keep it simple. You know that ‘trick or treat’ will be trending for a few days, so set up a spooky discount code, share with your previous customers, promote it on social media, and enjoy the boost in sales.

An added bonus – this is a great way to data capture ahead of the key Christmas sales period. A pre-Christmas warm-up, if you like!

Time to get spooky!


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