Spring has well and truly sprung – has the change in the seasons prompted you to tidy up, spring clean and generally get organised? If so, don’t forget that your social media pages could probably benefit from some TLC too.

If you thought that once your business pages were set up properly that all you need to do now is to post regularly, think again. Social media is usually the first place potential customers will look for your business online, so it really pays to make a fantastic first impression with accurate, up-to-date profiles.

Let’s go back in time for a moment. Think about when you set up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Was it last year? Two years ago? Longer? Now think: have you updated your bios, profile pictures and cover photos since then? If the answer is no, or not recently, it’s probably time to give your profile a refresh.

Check that your bio still reflects your business well, mention new services and update your branding if it has evolved since your launch. Always double-check your contact information is correct – nothing puts off a potential customer more than a bounced email or a website that no longer exists!

Now, consider how your business or brand is interacting online. Have you paid attention to your followers and who you follow? Take the time to look through both and remove or block any obvious spam accounts, as well as those who could have a negative impact on your brand. Remember, with likes and follows, it’s about quality, not quantity!

If you’ve had your pages for a long time, look back at your old content too. If you’ve got posts featuring old branding or logos, outdated services, products or images, removing them will keep your pages fresh and consistent.

Got a personal LinkedIn profile? Update it! Take the time to keep your work experience and skills current, share business news or your expert insights. If you use personal profiles on other platforms linked to your business then check (and check again!) that nothing embarrassing or inappropriate can be traced back to your brand.

We’d like to finish with the most important check of all. Keeping your social media accounts and scheduling software secure is crucial to avoid anything disparaging to your brand appearing on your pages. Update passwords regularly and check who has admin permission for your pages; staff can come and go, and you don’t want them to have access after they leave (especially if they left on bad terms!)

One thing to remember: these checks don’t just apply once a year – if you use this advice regularly your social media pages will be much easier (and quicker) to maintain.

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